Sunday, December 5, 2010

Poll Results - "Who is the greatest Canadian rock group/singer?"

OK, so I forgot about Joni Mitchell - I've heard it enough from you guys already. Mea culpa. Either way, I don't think anyone was going to beat Neil Young for Greatest Canadian Rock Group/Singer, with the remote exception of Rush. Young led all other names three-to-one (a group that included Broken Social Scene, k. d. lang, the aforementioned Rush and The Guess Who. He led "Other" (which I assume was a vote for Mitchell) by two-to-one. Others receiving at least one vote included The Tragically Hip, The Arcade Fire, Feist, Martha & The Muffins and Alanis Morissette.

Thanks for voting! A new poll will be posted soon.

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  1. The correct answer is of course 'Devin Townsend'. I guess Rush would also be acceptable winners, but I must confess that I have never much enjoyed Neil Young's work.