Thursday, October 18, 2012

Mike Harding - BBC Sound Effects Vol. 21: More Death & Horror

Here's some more Halloween-related stuff for you. This is the follow-up to 1977's BBC Sound Effects Vol. 13: Death & Horror release, compiled by the same man, BBC radio producer Mike Harding, and part of the ongoing series of BBC sound effects releases in the late 1970s (gotta love the covers to these horror effects albums - pretty gruesome, eh?).

This album consists of over 20 specific horror themes and their related sounds - stuff like "Vampire Feeding", "Death By Electrocution" and "Suicide By Gas". In my own opinion, this collection of scary sounds isn't as good as the ones provided on Vol. 13; I think that Mr. Harding is trying too hard to conjure up specific atmospheres, rather than just presenting the sounds themselves on their own merits, and for me the effort he makes falls short. Just gimme the damn sounds - I'll worry about the context!

Still, with that being said, this collection isn't bad. There are some genuinely creepy/nasty sounds on this album ("Wild Dogs" and "Premature Burial" in particular) sure to freak both you and your October 31st visitors out. Play this one and my previous Halloween posting in a continuous loop, and that will provide all the atmosphere your haunted house needs this year!

So, for your listening (dis)pleasure, here's BBC Sound Effects Vol. 21: More Death & Horror, another Mike Harding production released by BBC Records & Tapes (and distributed by Pye Records) in 1978. Enjoy, and let me know what you think.

And have a happy and scary Halloween!

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  1. Thanks for sending this great special effects collection from the BBC library. I have enjoyed!

  2. Thanks a lot!!! I'm very grateful. Keep on with this great work!!!!