Monday, January 11, 2016

David Bowie (1947-2016)

"Chameleon, comedian, Corinthian and caricature".

I'm speechless . . . what a loss.

Can't even write about this now.  More later.

Farewell, Thin White Duke.


  1. I'm feeling the same the words of Jackson Browne (please) "say it isn't true"...
    RIP David

  2. According to the news David Bowie battled against cancer for the past 18 months - his dignity throughout this period was commendable. Impossible to summarise his artistic output and his contribution to music, film, art etc. - I agree - what a loss.


  4. Brilliant post..thanks for your thoughts. We are so lucky to have so much Bowie "sound and vision" ...decades worth...and folks like you who are willing to share. What a treasure Bowie was and what a loss. I will celebrate his life for the rest of my life by playing his music...OFTEN.

  5. Fantastic review and post. Your writings should be spread across the web for others to read. You write and explain matters and research your topics in a professional manner.
    Thanks for this Bowie post. It is a strange thing to a lot of Bowie followers and fans - this sense of loss is quite strange. My opinion is that although Bowie polarised people, made art that he threw at us and did things by the beat of his own drum, he also bought a tribe of thinking fans together. His passing is a loss that I still have not comprehended.
    Thanks again for your excellent post.

    1. I am truly humbled by your words, and greatly appreciate your acknowledgement. This one was exceeding difficult to write - it's impossible to sum up a lifetime's appreciation for an artist like Bowie in just a few lines. I don't think I came close to succeeding; but I did my best.

      I think you nailed it - "strange"… it DOES feel strange and sad, and it's been that way all week. I think that's because, as you alluded to above, Bowie's life and art AFFECTED people, for good or ill. For many, many people, he wasn't just a "media icon" or "pretty good songwriter", but an influencer and touchstone for a lot of stuff taken for granted in the music/art world today. That's why, I think, there now seems to be this… void.

      Thanks again for your comment.

  6. Awesome post... and comments . Thank for all.