Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Beatles Haikus

As (apparently) a small number of you are aware, for the past couple of years, to amuse myself (and hopefully you as well), I've hidden links to a few (about four or five) "secret posts" throughout this blog within already-existing posts. The posts are mostly for Beatles-related stuff I didn't feel like making fully available to casual visitors, but only to intrepid, observant, regular visitors to this site who actually take the time to read my verbose narratives - hopefully in the course of which they'll stumble over some pretty cool and amazing stuff. Usually, there's a special phrase or password that requestors have to send along in their email request, to confirm their discovery.
(And no - I'm not going to give out any clues as to any of their locations in this post . . . you're just gonna have to track them down yourself! *)
For one of my better "secret posts", in addition to forwarding a password, I had folks jump through one more hoop - they had to provide in their email an original Beatles-related haiku. I've collected some of the better ones here for your amusement (some people were inspired enough to submit more than one):
Sergent Pepper's Band
They hope you enjoy the show
Your evening well spent

- Andrew Siegel

Welcome to Hamburg
Preludin makes music fast
We should poach Ringo.

- Ted Roberts

Who’s this George Martin?
Peter Sellers fancied him
But not Peter Best…

- Ted Roberts

John, Paul, George, Ringo
All together or solo
Music I follow
(Comment: I like poems that rhyme so came up with this one first.)

- Adrian Lewis
Plastic Ono Band
James Paul McCartney and Wings
Ringo's All Starr Band

Plastic Ono Band
The Traveling Wilburys
McCartney & Wings

McCartney & Wings
The Traveling Wilburys
Ringo's All Starr Band
(Comment: Four solo Beatle bands don't fit into three lines, so I have three different combination versions.)

- Adrian Lewis
Purple Chick bootlegs
iTunes-friendlier mpegs
Download “Scrambled Eggs”?!
(Comment: Working title and substitute opening verse lyrics of “Yesterday” had "Scrambled Eggs/Oh, my baby how I love your legs".)

- Adrian Lewis
Yellow Submarine
The Hunt for Red October
The Spy Who Loved Me

(Comment: Three submarine films.)

- Adrian Lewis

Help me if you can,
Seek and you shall find," said he,
Hey, you've got to hide . . .

- Buddy Woodward
Adjusting my specs:
(Damnable dyslexia!)
All you need is luck!

- Buddy Woodward

Sixth time's the charm, eh?
A puzzle worthy of John;
Jai guru deva

- Buddy Woodward

John, Paul, George, Ringo
Sang many songs long ago
Hidden from their fans

- Jeffrey Cellers
From a tiny club,
To a record-breaking crowd;
The Beatles live on.

- Robert Harrison

Hopes for affection
Possesses nothing but love
Eight days in a week

- Robert Harrison
Mop top to long hair
Clean cut lads to hippie men
Eight short years of change

- Daniel T Monk Pelfrey
Ed Sullivan Show,
Screaming girls going crazy;

- Kevin Swesey

I’m fixing a hole,
Sgt. Pepper rocks my world...
Paul was the walrus

- Kevin Swesey

The White Album rocks
The summer of sixty eight -
Revolution comes

- Kevin Swesey

Yellow Submarine
Sing it out loud all day long
Ringo Starr sings best

- Brad First

Waves of joy and love;
Sea of green and sky of blue;
Is it all too much?

- Brad First
Secret message found
Purple Chick. Incredible!
Beatle passions rise.
- David Pannell
As I receive additional verses from new finders, I'll continue adding the best ones here. Congratulations and thanks to everyone who have discovered them and participated so far - I look forward to greeting and publishing the works here of more observant souls!

I hope that you enjoy these, and thanks for continuing to visit and support my blog. More music to come!

* - OK, OK - I'm just kidding . . . I kinda/sorta WANT people to find them.  For example, you might want to take a close look at this old post. But this is absolutely, positively the only secret post clue I'm giving out - it's up to you to find the rest!  Happy hunting!


  1. it really works folks......i found two

    1. Shhhhh, Mr. Chandler! Don't give away the secrets! :)

    2. grazie molte

  2. A couple of new haiku adds, from another recent finder of the "Grand Prize" secret post. Congrats, Mr. First!

  3. New haiku posted, from the first "Grand Prize" winner in fifteen months! Congrats, Mr. Pannell!