Monday, March 5, 2018

The Fall - King Of Moscow Road

I ran this one down more than a decade ago in my search for any and all things Fall-related, from a now long-defunct music blog (Symphony Of Ghosts). Here's a description of this disc from the website, and the circumstances by which it was acquired:
"Fan bootleg sent out by unknown group of an eBay seller or 1 or 2 other fellows working together to spread some rare Fall joy to a few select fans - not known to be for sale..."
Here's the track lineup:
01 I'm Bobby (Excerpt - MES Solo)
02 Words Of Expectation (Live)
03 Rowche Rumble (Live)
04 In These TImes (Piccadilly Radio Session)
05 Oswald Defence Lawyer (Piccadilly Radio Session)
06 Cab Driver (Version Of City Dweller)
07 A Past Gone Mad / Passable
08 War (Goodier Session)
09 Don't Call Me Darling (source unknown)
10 'Ol Gang (Live Masquerade EP)
11 Christmastide (Levitate bonus CD)
12 My Ex-Classmates Kid (Rude All The Time version)
13 Janet VS Johnny (Fall Vs 2003 EP)
14 Mod Mock Goth (RNFLP-Narnack version)
15 Recovery Kit #2 (RNFLP-Narnack version)
16 Portugal (RNFLP & Sparta FC single hidden track)
17 Theme From Sparta FC (video edit version)
Some of these songs you may have seen provided elsewhere, on other Fall boots and releases (including some I've recently posted here)... while others are true band rarities. Take them as offered for what you will.
(One thing I'm still kicking myself over in regards to this disc: on the Symphony Of Ghosts site, the moderator mentioned that he received both this disc AND another fan-fabricated bootleg (Scherzo Schist) on the same day in the mail from an unknown provider in the UK. For some reason - either stupidity or oversight - I failed to download the music on the latter disc at the same time as King Of Moscow Road. Of course, the files for Scherzo Schist have long been unavailable off of this blog, and I've been searching for them ever since (ten-plus years now), with no luck whatsoever... Annoying.)
In any case...

Here, on what would have been Mark E. Smith's 61st birthday, I offer to you in his honor The Fall's King Of Moscow Road bootleg, compiled by mysterious and unknown British individuals in April 2005. Enjoy, and as always, let me know what you think.

Happy Birthday, MES - you're not forgotten down here, 'cock'.

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  1. Many thanks for posting this. These bootleg collections have passed me by, so I'm looking forward to hearing this - especially the US RNFLP tracks...

    1. I'm making another concerted push to acquire the Scherzo Schist set... If I acquire it, I'll post it here ASAP.

      (BTW - if anyone reading this has access to it and can provide me with a copy, I'd be forever in your debt...)

  2. Track 9 ("Wants this, hates that") would be "Don't Call Me Darling".

    If you're ever in doubt (or experiencing a memory lapse), check the Fall Lyrics Concordance:

    1. Duly noted, and modified above as appropriate. Thanks!

  3. Another fantastic Fall post thanks very much will enjoy listening to this

    1. Our aim here to to be continually amazing... not that we succeed all the time - but gotta try! Enjoy, and thanks for the comment!

    2. Hello Hello

      If needed, I get the Scherzo Schist (18 songs in 320 without precisions) but in commentary of each song, some words about where it come from. I get a very low internet, but for MES fans, I can do it...

    3. Holy smokes! Yes, PLEASE! Been dying to get this! Please forward to! Thanks TONS!

  4. There were several great blogs with Fall boots: hotelmaidssmileinunison, Hanleyfender, swisstapes, Little More Than a Big Crashing Beat... these blogs are still out there, just dormant.

  5. Plenty of good stuff on this - well worth a listen - cheers for the chance to hear it.

  6. Great additions to (what I thought was a complete) Fall discography,Thanks!

  7. Amazing, great versions of well-known Fall numbers and totally obscure, never heard ones. Thanks for putting this up! Ernst

  8. Brilliant! Can't wait to check this one out, thanks PPSHH!


  9. Anything Fall-related should be "compiled by mysterious and unknown British individuals", preferably spectres, rectors, and men with expanded heads

  10. Thanks.Had a listen & then another & now I'm very happy! Cheers for the share

  11. And time enough at home for this. Keep up the excellent work. Thank you.

  12. More great hard to find Fall! What's not to like? Excellent live version of "Words Of Expectation", the radio session version of "A Past Gone Mad / Passable" is awesome, as is the rough mix of "One Day". Thanks!