Monday, March 12, 2018

The Fall - Scherzo Schist

Well...  I promised in my previous posting that if I found it, I'd immediately post it here - so here you all are. Special thanks to blog friend Ji De for hooking me up - finally - with this long sought-after bootleg collection of ostensibly hard-to-find Fall tunes I first heard about on the Symphony Of Ghosts blog more than a decade ago.

Here's the track list and sources:
01  In The Park (Acklam Hall)
02  The Man Whose Head Expanded (live) [PBL video version]
03  Couldn't Get Ahead (live) [The version on the VHS8489 video]
04  US 80's-90's (live). (What's That Noise 7", also on Backdrop)
05  Kimble (Peel Session)
06  Why Are People Grudgeful? [more funky, more upbeat version. 12" mix?]
07  Noel's Chemical Effluence (The 27 Points)
08  Crying Marshall (Filthy Three mix from the F'Oldin' Money single #2)
09  Powder Keg (Version) (0161 compilation)
10  Spencer Must Die (Peel Session)
11  Beatle Bones [Peel Session '96, Beefheart cover]
12  Touch Sensitive (Peel Session version)
13  Inch [the main version from the Inch CD single]
14  Calendar (from Masquerade double EP)
15  Das Katerer (The Post Nearly Man version)
16  Two Librans (demo) (Voiceprint Ltd. giveaway CD promo)
17  Blindness/Blindman (Voiceprint Ltd giveaway CD promo)
18  Life Just Bounces (In the City) (same version as on A World Bewitched)
This set of "rarities" didn't turn out to be as 'rare' as I had hoped... For example, I'd previously provided "Calendar" in my Masquerade posting from a while back, along with "Das Katerer" in my The Post Nearly Man writeup, "Inch" in my posting of the same name and "Kimble" way back in 2011 with the Kimble EP here.  And a lot of these other songs are available on the
excellent The Complete Peel Sessions 1978-2004 box set (which every self-respecting Fall fan should have already long had as part of their collection) and other more mainstream band releases (Backdrop, The 27 Points, etc.).  But there are enough true obscurities included here to make this disc worth acquiring... plus, it's nice to have everything all in one easy-to-access package.

So, this isn't an essential bootleg by any means... but overall, still worthwhile.

So for your consideration, here's The Fall's Scherzo Schist bootleg, compiled by that same secretive group of British fans that brought you King Of Moscow Road back in 2005.  Enjoy, and as always, let me know what you think.

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  1. This is amazing. Thanks for this and all the other recent gems you've been posting MK

  2. "Always the same and always different"and"the band all others are measured by"

  3. Thanks for Scherzo Schist- fantastic version of Blindness there!Great blog.Thank you,Thank you!

  4. I am very happy to have both Scherzo Schist and Moscow Road. Thank you, Ji De and HFM!

  5. "(which every self-respecting Fall fan should have already long had as part of their collection)" - all self-respecting music fans should too :)

    Thanks for tracking this down and posting it

  6. It's The Fall and it's a bunch of great tracks put together - what more can you ask for! Great Work and Thanks for the upload.

  7. Finally had time at work to listen to this :) Best bit of the day. My thanks once again for all the Fall material.

  8. Been wanting that 9 minute version of "Life Just Bounces" for a long time - cheers!