Monday, April 7, 2014

Well, shoot . . .

I'm a little disappointed that my last post didn't get the reaction I hoped it would . . . I would have thought that:
  • given the actual date of the post;
  • the curious arrangement of "Ten Most Reviled Pop Songs" list; and
  • the names of the possibly non-existent "bonus tracks" on the Beyonce album,
SOMEONE would have put two and two together long before they decided to click on the "Send Email" link - but no dice; no one took me up on it.  Like I said - disappointing..

That's too bad - I have a hunch that the payoff for that posting will be pretty fab for whoever checks it out . . . (now, c'mon - how much MORE of a hint do you really need?  Crikey . . .)


  1. Ok here's one for ya. Which female singer on your list has a new song that consists of the lines "oohh baby baby oohh baby baby oohh oohh oohh oohh baby baby baby baby baby baby oohh oohh oohh baby oohh baby oohh...........(That's the whole song) Give up? All of them

  2. Y'all are missing out on a treat here if you don't request the links. Thanks.

  3. Hi there. As per " 5.1 Degrees of Separation", try to get Kaleidoscope files.. Same thing...
    tks for visiting Octaner's Blog