Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Poll Results - "On the Elevator To Hell, what sort of music is playing?"

Reggaeton, guys? Really?

I thought sure that either Gangsta Rap or Country (my personal choice) would win in a landslide . . . man, I didn't realize how deep the enmity is out there for reggaeton - wow!

Here are the results:

Rap - 1 vote
Bluegreas - 1 vote
Disco - 1 vote
Klezmer - 1 vote
Other (and don't ask me what that 'other' is) - 1 vote
Celtic - 2 votes
Jazz Flute (a la Ron Burgundy) - 2 votes
Country - 3 votes
Gangsta Rap - 3 votes
Reggaeton - 5 votes

Thanks to all who participated! I'll put up a new poll soon, just as soon as I can think of a new topic.

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