Sunday, January 28, 2018

The Fall - Demos & Rarities


Nabbed this one donkey's years ago from an online source; I think it was The Ultimate Bootleg Experience (T.U.B.E.), although it's been so long now, I simply don't recall.

No matter; this is a superb collection of heretofore unreleased/hard-to-find Fall music, recorded between 1981 and 2002. Here's the track lineup:
01. Lie Dream Of A Casino Soul (1981 demo)
02. Neighbourhood Of Infinity (1983 demo)
03. C.R.E.E.P. (1983 demo)
04. Hey! Mark Riley (1985 demo)
05. Whizz Bang (1989 Peel Session, never broadcast)
06. Simon’s Dream (1990 demo)
07. Middle Class Revolt (Prozac mix, Drum Club remix 1994-95)
08. Middle Class Revolt (Orange In The Mouth mix, Drum Club remix, 1994-95)
09. Bonkers In Phoenix (1994 demo)
10. The Chiselers (1996 demo)
11. The Ballad Of J. Drummer (1996 demo)
12. The Horror In Clay (”Post Nearly Man” 1998 demo)
13. Nev’s Country (”Hot Runes” 2000 demo)
14. Rubber (”The Unutterable” 2000 outtake)
15. Weirdo (”The Unutterable” 2000 outtake)
16. Iodeo (”Green Eyed Loco Man” 2002 demo)
17. Dramatic (”Country On The Click”/”Real New Fall LP” 2002 outtake)
18. 1983 MES Interview
Not much else needs to be said regarding this offering - it's real, it's rare, it's The Fall!

So enjoy the band's Demos & Rarities bootleg, posted online way back in the mid-2000s (probably around 2006, although I'm dating it from the last song included), and a pain in the butt to track down nowadays. So it's provided here for your edification and convenience.

As always... well, you know.

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  1. Thanks for another rarity. Was about to ask you if you were considering making Von Sudenfed available when I find that you've just done it! Kudos

  2. just when you think you've got all the fall recording (minus some of the live albums) something else like this pops up. again thanks so much for sharing!!

  3. I had a couple of these songs but most were new to me. Thanks so much!

  4. Many thanks! I find that I can't get enough of The Fall's music during these past two weeks.

  5. this is my favourite so far - top post!

  6. Thanks! Even with circa 100 Fall CDs there’s stuff here that’s new to me. Particularly interesting to hear what was presumably the version of Bonkers that Brix preferred (just a bit - see autobiography!). Good alternative version of Arid Al’s Dream too. Johnny

  7. Excellent demo collection, thank you very much. The Bo Diddley-fied "Hey! Marc Riley" is a scream and alone worth the price of admission

  8. Didn't know any of this stuff was out there. Great post.

  9. Wonderful stuff, thank you.

  10. Excellent find! Thank you so much!

  11. Managed to see the Fall live on 3 occasions, not nearly enough.Can't believe it's the end...

  12. Some very tasty rarities there, plus an interview - thank you very much, sir, you are too kind

  13. Thanks for taking the time to post all of these unreleased Fall tracks. Listening to the demos & rarities now. Can't wait to listen to the rest of these tomorrow on my way to Leon, Spain. Question for you. In the office ambience section in the new issue of the Wire they list the Fall -Way Round (Eagle). Is this a new Fall album or just a track off the Unutterable? Cheers from Madrid

  14. I must admit to being surprised by the amount of newspaper/music press/blog activity after MES's death. But thinking about it he was always an interesting story. Similarly the music /always/ seems to turn out to be worth hearing, even if it is a collection of outtakes or a dodgy live album. Thank you again for making these fall related posts available.

  15. Thanks for making these demo/outtake gems available! Can never get too much MES Fall!!

  16. Thank you so much for sending me these files so quickly! You can never have enough music from THE FALL!