Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Severed Heads - Rotund For Success

Severed Heads was an Australian band formed in Sydney in 1979, and as such, they were one of the longest-lasting Aussie post-punk bands, not really calling it a day until 2004. Despite their longevity, this band has always been sort of roundly hated in certain music quarters. Why? Well, I believe mostly because for most of their existence, Severed Heads was categorized as an industrial band, although their music started off more appropriately thought of as "experimental", utilizing found sounds and tape loops. Later in their career, they drifted into more commercial and dance music territory. But the "industrial" tag never really went away, and I suppose that with that, a lot of people categorized them as frauds and sellouts.

This is my favorite Severed Heads album, Rotund For Success, released on Nettwerk Records in 1989. I recall seeing a video for the song "Big Car" (off of the album) on MTV in the States (back when MTV not only showed videos, but occasionally put a semi-cool/off-kilter one on once in a while) and liking what I heard:

Have a listen, and see what you think. Just keep an open mind, and try not to think of them as "industrial".

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  1. Severed Heads are reforming for live performances in May backing Gary Numan on his Aus Pleasure Principle tour.

  2. very excited for this, thanks!!

  3. Thanks so much for the quick reply. This blog is certified legit.

  4. thanks for the album and quick response!

  5. Initially, I was looking for "Bullhead" of SH, a kind of EP with the song "Greater Reward" wich is also on "Rotund For Success", that's how I discovered the existence of this album that you sent me very quiclky ! Really thank you guy and long live to your eclecticaly cool blog !