Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The fall of Rapidshare (or, "Scalped In The Alps")

Sorry for the long interval between posts . . . I'm sure that like some of you out there, I've been going round and round with the arrogant Swiss bastards who run Rapidshare, regarding their new access/pricing policies. Thanks to the greed of these yodeling, cuckoo-clock making dipshits, I've been endeavoring to find a new source to upload my files.

While in the midst of the search for a better source, today, lo and behold, Rapidshare came to their senses (sort of). They sent out the following message late today (my comments italicized and in brackets):

"As a result of the recent adjustments to our product and pricing model we have received a lot of feedback from our users. There was also positive response [Bullshit! EVERYONE hated the new policy, which is why you fuckers are backing down] but we want to be honest with you: most [translation into English: "all"] answers were negative. With our adjustments we have alienated many users [Really? And you're actually SHOCKED by this?!?]. As a matter of course, that was not our intention [we just wanted all of your money]. Instead, it is our goal to introduce a system that gives you more flexibility [and still stuff a few more Swiss francs into our bank accounts in Zurich]. However, we are happy about every single user response that we have received as this is the only way we can learn what our users really want [yes, we really love to receive piles of emails telling us to go fuck ourselves!]. That is the reason why we have fundamentally revised our offer one more time and made it much simpler."

It's all a bunch of BS. All they're after is more money for their site - greedy chocolate-eating Alps-climbing war-dodging weasels.

So, I'm done with Rapidshare. As many of you may have noticed, I've added Mediafire links to all of my previous posts. From now on I will be posting everything through Mediafire - password free (the password will still apply to the remaining Rapidshare files, as long as I have them up).

Rapidshare should be kissing my behind, and that of every other Allied country that saved their country's bacon and kept their citizenry from getting their cheese-scented, stolen-Jewish-gold-encrusted hands dirty during World War II. In the immortal words of David Letterman, "while they were dipping fondue, we were kicking Nazi butt."

'Nuff said. Back to the music.